Furnace Replacements: When to Consider Installing a New Model

HVAC Repair experts recommend that any heating system over a decade old be replaced if possible. Even if the furnace is running correctly, it is not performing as efficiently as the energy-saving models available today. In addition, it is probably not even as efficient as it was when it was installed. Older models have components that wear out over time, and their heavy use causes them to perform at less than ideal levels.

A Furnace Replacement is an expense that may seem unnecessary if the current model is working. What must be considered is how quickly a new furnace can recoup its installation costs. Older models often operate at only 50 -70 percent efficiency, while new models with energy saving features are at 85-96 percent efficiency depending on the brand and fuel type the furnace uses. An HVAC Repair professional can explain the options available and what the average homeowner can expect to save on their heating bills.

Having a furnace replaced is also a great time to have ductwork reviewed. Cracks in the ductwork, or incorrectly installed ducts, can lead to additional energy loss as well as making it possible for fumes to seep into the home. Programmable thermostats, another energy-saving feature, should also be considered during this type of project. These simple investments make it easy to program the home to be cooler when no one is around and raise the temperature so it is comfortable when everyone arrives home from school or work.

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There are other advantages to a furnace replacement in addition to saving money. If this is the first installation the homeowner has chosen for their home, they will now have the option to convert to another energy source. They can decide to make the switch from oil to natural gas, or even consider the purchase of a geothermal model. Additional extras, like a built-in humidifier or air filter, will improve air quality and make the home more comfortable.

Regardless of the model chosen, a new system will generally produce less noise and create less pollution. If the installation is to replace an older model that has been frequently requiring repairs, it can also provide the homeowner with more peace of mind and will save money even faster. Before paying for another Heating And Cooling Repair, contact an HVAC technician to review the current system and provide an estimate for replacement.

Nearly half of all energy bills in the United States are for heating and cooling. If utility bills are regularly increasing, this is where to start getting them back under control. Find out more about how to lower energy bills while making any home more comfortable.

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